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this is just a Lisa W. Cantrell bibliography (AKA's Lisa Wright Cantrell, Lisa Cantrell, Lisa Contrell, Lisa Wright Contrell, Lisa W. Contrell) (born in 1945). Ms. Cantrell has pretty much fallen off the face of the earth as far as her fans are concerned. She won the Bram Stoker Award in 1988 for her first novel, wrote three more books, and seemed to stop around 1992. 

After picking up "Women of Darkness II" at a used book store because her name was in it, I started doing some research as to what is available by her. My conclusion… not much. She has 4 known novels and 6 or 7 known published short stories. The most surprising thing is a story (?) called "A Close Encounter of the Frisbee Kind” that appeared in Cricket magazine in 2004 (an ages 9+ literary magazine). This appearance makes me wonder (A) if it is her? and (B) what else has she done between 1992 - 2010 besides this and "The Nana’s House"?



*The Manse (1987) (1988 Bram Stoker First Novel winner)


*The Ridge (1989)


*Torments (1990)


*Boneman (1992)



Anthology appearances:

*Women of Darkness II (edited by Kathryn Ptacek) (1990) featuring "Arc Light"


*Under the Fang (edited by Robert R. McCammon) (1991) featuring "Juice"


*Hotter Blood: More Tales of Erotic Horror (edited by Michael Garrett and Jeff Gelb) (1991) featuring "Cruising"


*Monsters in Our Midst (edited by Robert Bloch) (1992) featuring "Taking Care of Georgie"


*Phantoms of the Night (edited by Richard Gilliam and Martin H Greenberg) (1996) featuring "The Nana’s House"



Magazine appearances

*Cemetery Dance Magazine #4 (Volume 2 Number 2), Featuring "Torments" (is this a short story that the book expanded on? An excerpt? Something different?)


*Footsteps #9 (July 1990), featuring a non-fiction piece “On Writing The Manse by Lisa Cantrell: Its Origin, Development, and Place in the Cosmic Scheme of Things”


*Tekeli-li! #2 (Summer 1991) Credit given for a picture of Bob Eggleton that accompanies an interview with Mr. Eggleton (I think). Picture is titled "Bob Eggleton: A Pumpkin Kinda Guy"


*Forbidden Lines # 6 (September/October 1991). Featuring an interview with Lisa W. Cantrell conducted by Paul B. Thompson called "The First Lady of Horror: An Interview with Lisa Cantrell"


*Cricket Magazine Vol 32 #1 (September 2004) (p48-52, 5p, with 3 color photographs). Featuring "A Close Encounter of the Frisbee Kind

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A some of you may already know, I've started writing books reviews and more book related topics on my MySpace page.


Feel free to check them out.  

"Bloodstained Oz", By James A. Moore and Christopher Golden

"In Laymon’s Terms" Authors and short stories revealed

Thoughts on Small Press, Lifetime subscriptions, budgets, Full Moon Press, Croatoan, and more

"Serpent Girl" by Ray Garton

"The Story of Noichi the Blind" by Chet Williamson

"The Turtle Boy" by Kealan Patrick Burke

and more!

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 I didn't have any Prog music in my collection until the early 90s.  I didn't even know it existed.  It was the early 1990s and Genesis had recently got back together for We Can't Dance, so it was around 1992 or 1993.  My girlfriend at the time, Amy, was discussing music with me.  I had no disposable income, and just a cassette player at the time, so my music collection consisted of hand-me-downs of my older brother's 80s music (Ghostbusters soundtrack, Thompson Twins, etc), the dollar bin at Woolworths (New Kids on the Block, Tommy Page, etc...yay!), and Christmas presents from my parents (oooh a Music Man soundtrack and a Kingston Trio cassette, thanks Dad.... WOW a Helen Reddy cassette, thanks Mom).
Suddenly, Amy said, "Have you ever heard 'old' Genesis?"
and I said, "Yeah, of course, you mean songs like 'Land of Confusuion'?"
She laughed and said, "NO! Like when Peter Gabriel was the lead singer."
*insert my jaw dropping here* "You mean the 'Sledgehammer,' 'Big Time,' 'Shock the Monkey' guy?"  (I liked those songs a lot)
*insert her smirk here* "Yes, him. Lets go to my room." 
"OKAY!!!!!" I normally wasn't allowed back there, and her mom wasn't home, *insert my secret-to-myself-smile here*(she could have said, "let's go listen to my new Nails on a Chalkboard album in my room," and I would have gone with her).
We entered her hot pink garden paradise of a room, and she pulled out a record from her huge collection.  She proceded to play me side 2 of Foxtrot including all of "Supper's Ready".  She even did a little CREEPY dance during the "A FLOWER" part of the song.
She Progged me good that day.  We just sat there and stared at the speakers for the next 24 minutes (no kissing at all, but somehow, I didn't care).   I was in love.  I borrowed all of her "Old" Genesis albums over the next couple weeks (I dubbed them onto cassette, shhhh).  After I copied them all, we broke up within a week.  I did NOT use her. That Christmas I got a CD boombox, and I eventually saved up to purchase Foxtrot on Compact Disc.  Gradually, I got the whole Gabriel collection on CD.

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So, in trying to recapture my youth, I am constantly seeking out music I listened to (like Bullfrogs & Butterflies and Music Machine), and trying to figure out TV shows I watched on PBS and Nickelodeon (yes I watched other channels too… but then we would have A LOT MORE listed…some of these were also played on other channels).
So far, I have come up with:
The Great Space Coaster,
Electric Company,
Today's Special,
Special Delivery,
Sesame Street,
Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings (the one that SNL parodied),
Belle and Sebastian AKA Meiken Jolie (the cartoon with the little dog Poochie and the big white dog)
The Mysterious Cities of Gold
Chapi Chapo (which… I would NOT buy… its weirdness scared me)
Mole (Krteček)
The Magic Roundabout (which "Doogal" was based on)
Kalles Klätterträd (Charlie's Climbing Tree)
Inspector Gadget
Count Duckula
The World of David the Gnome (David, el Gnomo) (based on the Wil Huygen books)
Maya the Bee (Mitsubachi Māya no Bōken)
Mister Wizard's World
Noozles (AKA Fushigi na Koara Burinkī, AKA The Wonderous Koala Blinky)
Out of Control (with Dave Coulier and Diz McNally)
Spartakus & the Sun Beneath the Sea ("Rainbow  Dawn… Arcadia") (Les Mondes Engloutis)
Turkey TV
You Can't Do That on Television
The Tripods
Doctor Who
Tomorrow People
The Third Eye (with Into the Labyrinth, Children of the Stones, The Haunting of Cassie Palmer, Under the Mountain)
The Adventures of Pete & Pete
I recently found Pinwheel on Wikipedia. DANG! I remember all of those shows and cartoons it featured!
There is one that I can't figure out.  It was a cartoon I saw in the 1980s.... probably on Nickelodeon... maybe on HBO or even PBS. It may be a movie that was a part of the Special Delivery series or featured on Pinwheel. It might be a TV show, and it may have been translated to English (like many Nickelodeon shows were)
It was similar in style to the light table, cut-out jumpy animation of the film "Twice Upon a Time" (which I haven’t seen in a long time)…I don’t think it was that movie though.
I remember a fairy that would zip around and its mouth would move in a frantic zig-zaggy fast motion as it talked (not unlike early “South Park” episodes. I think the main plot was about a girl (whom the previously mentioned fairy followed around and flew around her a lot).  
It was set in a very industrial, dark city. I think I remember a lot of gears and a staircase. Thinking back, with a modern perspective… it felt “British”
I could actually be mixing the show I am looking for with "Twice Upon a Time" but I know that Twice doesn't have the fast talking girl that I really remember.
In 1999, I saw a book of “Alice in Wonderland” that was modernly-illustrated and it looked a lot like this film. It was on an art Professor’s bookshelf (no idea how old that book was, or who illustrated it).   The book is what reminded me of the film.
Please help.  

UPDATE (9/2009)
With no help received, I searched for over a year, and finally figured it out!

"The Adventures of Thelma Thumb" was the show I was trying to remember (it was a series of Sesame Street shorts)!  It has some of the same animators and people involved as "Twice Upon a Time" (like John Korty, Brian Narelle, and  Harley Jessup).  What are the chances that I'll ever be able to see these again?  Crud!

The Alice in Wonderland book was illustrated by Ralph Steadman!

Now... if only I could figure out...  ;)

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Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Mother's day is coming. It may be a Hallmark ™ occasion, but it is a much deserved time of recognition.  
A few years back, after a marriage of six years, my (now ex-) wife and I got a divorce. I got full custody of my one and only child (who was 6 months old at the time). I could go into a whole diatribe about "how could a mother possibly do that to her child?" and the truth is, I really don't know… but I am not here to bash my ex-wife. She had her own life to live, and wanted to be commitment free to party as she pleased.  
Moving on.  
Being a single dad who had to play the roll of mother and father to my child was extremely difficult sometimes. I had a lot of fears, a lot of tears, and I had no family close by.   There were some awesome times too. My child can always make me smile, even after driving-me-up-a-wall with their "No No No"s.  
My mother helped a lot. She was always available by phone and willing to talk me through any trying times. I drove the multiple hours to stay with her on plenty of weekends, and she always greeted me and my child with open arms. It wasn't all about her grandchild either (like I have witnessed with other Grandmas), it was about the two of us.

I have recently been re-maried, and she is an awesome woman, and a great mother to my first child. Happy Mother's Day to you too sweetie.  I love you, and I love our growing child inside you.
Mom, thank you for being there for me. Thank you for your love and support. Thank you for the phone converstaions that lasted for hours as my heart was breaking.  Thank you for listening. Thank you for your stories. Thank you for raising me. Thank you. I love you, Mom.
~Robert (Mommy's bouncing baby boy)

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I found a Blue Raspberry flavored "Big Bite Gummy Bear" (Labeld "Giant Gummy Bear" on the nutrition label) (Made in China) at my local World Market ... ONE HUGE blue 3/4 pound (350 gram) gummy bear. This sucker is 1,120 calories, 280 grams of carbs, and 24 grams of good for you protein (from those yummy Chinese cows) . It is FAT FREE! So, I can eat it on my diet, right??

I can skip breakfast toworrow, and eat this at work for Brunch (maybe with some coffee).

If I do, I could:

A) Fall into a sugar induced diabetic coma.

B) Get really fat.

C) Say, "Hmm, that was tasty."

D) Say, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."

E) Throw up.

F) Feel good all day.

G) Get a tummy ache.

H) Sit in one place looking around and wondering why everyone is looking at me...maybe it is because I am naked at work with copious amounts of "blue raspberry" juice running down my chin and chest.

I) Die

Hmm.... I think I'll do it! 

It isn't as big as Matt's world famous 13lb giant Gummy Bear, but it looks like it was made in a similar way.  It comes in a large hard plastic bear... maybe they melted a bunch of small Blue Raspberry gummy bears and made this one.  I have never seen small Blue Raspberry gummy bears, and that is half the reason I chose this flavor.

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I could write this like… “in 1975, I was born. Also in 1975 Adam Ant’s band “Bazooka Joe” had an unknown group named The Sex Pistols playing their first gig as their opening act”….. but no.  
Let us start with when I first discovered Adam Ant…. Well, it was actually the 1990 single "Room at the Top" for me. I loved that song, and Jane Child's "Don't Wanna Fall in Love" which were constantly being played on my local station in Southern California (I think it was KROQ). I was 14 and ripe for a male role model. I bought the cassette of  "Manners & Physique" and loved it through and through (especially the title track). It was one of my first self-purchased cassettes. I also bought a 12" of "Room at the Top" to see what these "remix-things" were, and loved them. My next purchase about two months later  was the US cassette version of Adam and the Ants' "Kings of the Wild Frontier" (with "Physical (You're So)" and "Beat My Guest" & "Stand and Deliver" bonus tracks on it)…. *insert record needle scratch here*. "What the f…?", was my first reaction. Second listen, "I have never heard ANYTHING like this…" Third listen "I LOVE THIS!" I played "Beat My Guest" for whomever would listen. It was like finding a naughty song in your parents' record collection. My mother called it "crazy jungle music" and it gave her a headache. That didn't make me like it more, like some teens would… it just made me use headphones more.
The next album I procured was "Antics in the Forbidden Zone" (a greatest hits) cassette from my step sister, Kat. She saw my "Manners" cassette when I visited (my parents are divorced, and she lived with my father, whom I only visited a couple times a year). Kat, who is four years older then me, was like, "you like this guy, I bought this for his hit 'Good Two Shoes' but I didn't like the rest of his songs, here you can have it."  That did it, now I had a sampler of all of his albums, and I loved all of the songs. This hits album contained a song on it called "Prince Charming" that I instantly recognized. It was played for me once by a teacher in 7th grade when I got the title role in a play that my 7th grade drama class wrote called "The Prince who Lost his Charm" (Prince Charming was on trial for having too many princesses in his life…. hee hee).   Those screams at the beginning are quite jarring, and hard to forget.
Now, with this new hits album, I knew I had to earn money so I could purchase all the rest of Adam Ant's albums. I worked part time in after school jobs and I worked at a few summer camps (oh there are a lot of stories there). I eventually had them all on cassette and LP (The LPs were for display and lyric sheet purposes…I didn't have CD player yet). My prize was the black and white Do It records version of "Dirk Wears White Sox" (both cassette and LP). I eventually got the ultra expensive ($29.99) VHS of  "Antics in the Forbidden Zone". While watching the VHS, I got a huge flashback. I remembered the "Goody Two Shoes" video from when I saw it ONCE on MTV back in 1982. I only got to see MTV for a few minutes before my parents turned it off. It was really close to the day of my parents divorce (when I moved from Oregon, to southern California, and never had cable again at home), and I never got to see MTV again until around 1990 (at a friend's house).  I never knew what the song was but I had that image of a man in red leather pants jumping over a "naked" woman on a bed for 8 YEARS until I bought that video.  Yes, she did become naked in my imagination (I still have a thing for that naughty librarian look, rrrrawr).  
In mid-1991, I made my own air brushed black and red Adam Ant T-shirt (all caps with a reversed "D"), and I wore it to school at least once a month. It was my individualism. My non-conformist self shining through. I had my "cool thing" that almost no one else knew. Only one person knew who it was. She was a really hot "Goth" girl named Emily that I would never have talked to otherwise (because Goths scared me back then). She is now a famous fetish model with a new name (I won't give away her secret identity though). She stopped me in the hallway, pointed at my shirt and said, "That is so cool dude. Adam Ant rules." Then she went back to her Goth friends. A few people asked about the shirt, but most kids in High School really don't give a rip about anything but themselves and what others think about them.  In 1993, I think I was the only one at that High School who came as Adam for Halloween in over ten years. The "Strip" album was a good album to play for those yummy High School make-out sessions too.
Sometime around 1992, Adam came through my town (Riverside at that time), and an article and picture of him were in the newspaper (my mom cut out the article and gave it to me). Even if I had known he was coming, he played at a 21 and over club. The article mentioned a new "bluesy" album called "Persuasion" was being released soon. I asked about this album every time I went into Sam Goody and the my local punk specialty record shop (I was a very straight laced kid, and the shop scared me…so I didn't go in there often). I know they got sick of me asking about it. Sam Goody actually had it listed in their catalog, but the release date came and went. "Persuasion" was never released, but a friend gave me a white long sleeve t-shirt from the concert.
I was the lead singer in a high school band from 1993 - 1994 with my friends Michael and Mahlon, but we never sang any Adam Ant songs, and to be honest, I didn't want to mar them like that…ha ha. Plus, we were a Christian praise and worship band on top of being a band that played our own stuff.   Adam didn't fit the bill. If we did do an Adam song, it would have been "Physical."   We recorded a mini-album in December, 1993, and we all graduated and separated in June, 1994. 
I didn't know what to do with my life, so I signed up for the Air Force. The military eventually told me that I would be going in on the Ides of March (March 15th), 2005. Little did I know that Adam had a surprise for me. The single "Wonderful" came out around February 2005. A whole new sound for Adam (and a bunch of B-sides on the 2 UK CD import singles that I had to special order). The album itself came out March 9th, 2005, AND Adam was singing live the day of the release at the Hollywood Virgin Mega Store. I bought the album (on CD)  that morning and had it on repeat all day. My girlfriend at the time, Heather, and I drove the couple of hours to Hollywood (listening to the album) and stood in a massively crowded room.  Heather and I were about three rows from the stage, and there was an official video being filmed right next to my head (I think this video was used as a Virgin in-store promo reel).  I had never seen so many antfans. Some had make-up, and a lot had real concert shirts (I had my Persuasion shirt on).  As we waited people started doing different chants from the "Kings" album ("Dog Eat Dog" etc). It was so cool to hear and experience people doing these things.  I know that if there was an Adam concert today, people would still be doing this… just as they probably did in 1981. Then, I saw Adam live for the first and only time (so far?) that night. It was announced that there would be autographs for everyone, and they would stay open for as late as it took. After about 4 or so acoustic songs, the fire marshal showed up, and closed the whole thing down. Adam was too popular (BIG GRIN), and the "man" had to shut him down. That fire marshal got a LOT of mean looks and boos. I hung around awhile, hoping they would let Adam sign some autographs, but no.  All were denied access to Adam. The next week I went into the military.
In 1997 I got an "Antmusic for Sexpeople" tattoo….on my back… "it hurt!" I went to college. I got married. Adam got charged with threatening bar patrons with an imitation firearm. Got the AntBox. Had a baby. Got all of the Ants Remastered albums. Got divorced. Got full custody.  Got re-married. Currently working on a second child. Waiting for the 7" box set due possibly in October 2008.   
At this point, I have all his albums (multiple versions of each) on CD, Cassette, and LP, all of his singles, books, Kings jacket replica, and some various other ephemera. I went a little gonzo over the years (especially in High School).  I have slowed down my Adam Ant-osity now…. mostly. Not just because of budgetary constraints. I am just setting my priorities. I still buy any new CD versions and box sets, but I have stopped buying all of the slapped together hits collections (unless there is a rare alternate version of a song on them).   I have the Stand and Deliver 2 disc DVD (region 2), and it actually plays on one of my DVD players!  
I have convinced most of my nephews that Adam Ant is cool (which took years… and mentioning the Sex Pistols a lot) . We have to pass this on to the next few generations!  Don't let them all be "oh, that 'Goody Two Shoes' guy, he's cheesy." Play them "Stand and Deliver." Play them "Ants Invasion." Play them "The Human Beings."  Play them "You're so Physical" (which my nephew insisted that Trent Reznor wrote, ha ha). Let's get Adam Ant back into the public eye as a great musician. I am trying to do my part, but I haven’t gone as far as to put any Ant-make-up on my son for Halloween at Daycare..... yet.

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When I was a wee young lad, there were three comic book series that changed my life forever. Well, actually, there were three key series that really clicked with my 10 year old brain. I don't know if they changed my life or not.  Previous to this time, there was Whitman's Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Archie, Harvey's Richie Rich, Star Comic's Top Dog the Talking Dog, Planet Terry, Wally the Wizard, Heathcliff, Disney's Mickey Mouse, and Uncle Scrooge, and I enjoyed them all (especially the epic and adventure filled Uncle Scrooge and the fun filled Top Dog stories).   
First off, let me state that I still like the occasional comic book. Nowadays, I enjoy ones that are fun, and/or scary. I still will read Disney comics (most are reprints of the classics anyways).  A comic has to entertain me nowadays, because I read them mostly for fun and escape. It still weirds me out that the date on the comic books is not the date they came out, but 1 to 3 months after they come out. As a child I asked about this, and a guy in 7-11 told me it was the day that he was supposed to "rip the covers off, send them back for cash, and throw away the rest" (which was very shocking for a 10-year-old to hear). Because of this cover dating system, I have to question my memory on when all of this occurred, but I am going with my memory, not cover dates.
Here they are in random order… Interesting fact, they all came out, or started, in 1985… okay, they aren't random, they are in order of how much I like them (3 being the best):
1) Marvel's, Peter David written, "The Death of Jean DeWolff" story arc in "Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man" #107 - #110 was one of these series (well, story-arc to be exact). When I talk about this Arc, I usually call it the "Sin Eater series," but it has been labeled as "The Death of Jean DeWolff" by most people.   I was sick around August 1985, and Mom bought me the "All New, All Daring" issue #107 to read with fever addled brain. I thought the cover was cool, and I had NEVER read Spider-Man before at all. I had seen him on TV in cartoons and the live-action TV series. I was actually disappointed in my mom for buying it. I read comics for entertainment and giggles. Why was she buying me THIS? This was a comic for "big boys." Well, I read it…. three pages later there was the dead, bloody, shot up corpse of Captain Jean DeWolff bleeding all over her bed and a mangled look on her face. I almost screamed in shock. I didn't know who she was, and I didn't care who she was. There was a dead body in my comic book.   That didn't belong there!   Why did Mommy buy me THIS? If I wasn't sick I probably would have stopped reading it and asked her why.   Oh, I finished reading it, and it was TO BE CONTINUED! Now, it took me THREE years to get the next three issues and finish this story arc. I had to go into my first real comic book shop to buy the last one (a huge store in southern California).   I had dreams about this series, desperately trying to finish it on my own.  I can't say I was satisfied by the real ending, but it was enough for me to know that it did end.  I also can't say that I really liked this story arc. It just was a gap that I had to fill.  This series made me buy a lot of other Spider-Man books, but most did not really compare with my first Spider-Man story arc (except the really old Amazing Spider-Man comics).  
2) During Christmas break of 1985, I ran across "Nightcrawler" #1 and #2 (of 4 in a limited series), written by Dave Cockrum, sitting on a shelf at the gift shop at Diamond Lake Resort while I was learning to cross-country ski with my family. I had never even heard of the X-Men before, but that didn't matter. I flipped through the two books and was fascinated by the completely bizarre and fantastic story line. Those first two comics got read about 20 times during that week, and, if I remember right, a few days later the gift shop had the next two issues in their shop too. It was a Christmas miracle to have the complete series all together like that. Dimension hopping Nightcrawler, Kitty, and the Bamfs fighting the big shark like creature. I loved it. This being my first X-Men related series, of course, has made me compare all things X-Men to it. Nothing I have run across has been better (I haven't read many X-men story lines yet). The first Trade Paperback and few issues of the Excalibur series came close to the fun feeling, but it made me lose interest after awhile and I stopped reading it. Plus, cross-overs and continuity make reading a lot of X-Men lines a chore. It used to be that you would see an " * " with a footnote of  "See issue #blah" at the bottom of one or two panels in a comic book. Eventually, more and more of these appeared ("See "Excalibur" Volume #blah, issue #blah and "X-Men Unlimited" Volume #blah, issue #blah).  Nowadays, I think they stopped doing this because there would be one of those on each panel.   
3) This brings me to my all time favorite series. A few months before Mom bought me that issue of Spider-Man, around April or May 1985, I bought my first comic with my own money. It was the Bill Mantlo written "Rocket Raccoon" #1 (of 4 in a four-issue Limited Series).  I expected a "Funny Animal" series. What I got was a very interesting adventure.  Now, I wouldn't say that I laughed during this series, but I was thoroughly fascinated. These animals weren't cracking jokes, and some didn't look very cute. There was real danger and there was real excitement. There was a whole universe contained in the series that revolved around Edgar Allen Poe, Keystone Cops, The Beatles (the lyrics of the song "Rocky Raccoon" play some key roles in the series), Western Philosophy, The Bible, etc… and it is all wrapped in up in a Pink Floyd-ian daydream / nightmare that is secretly disguised as a children's comic book.  It was not written for kids, it was very wordy, and the in-jokes are for very literate people. I had read Poe, and I had seen Keystone Cops, but I had never heard the Beatles song (and I wouldn't hear it until my 7th grade English teacher played it for the class). At 10 years-old, I loved its heroism, great story, characters, excellent artwork (by Mike Mignola), and much more. Having re-read this as an adult, I can see so much more of the complexities that this story was inundated with. This was my first comic that had that dreaded "to be continued" written at the end of the first issue.  And, because of this, I frequented the local 7-11 every day asking if it was in yet. I constantly talked about this series with everyone (friends, family, the owner of 7-11, etc) while it was coming out. I think that I was talking on deaf ears because no one else had read the series, but I did not care. I loved it. I guess you would call it a Space Opera, and as an adult I can see comparisons to Star Wars in that whole romantic, melodramatic, boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl-to-evil-space-guy, boy-travels-in-space-to-get-his-girl-back, boy-saves-the-world, etc… sort of thing. This series would make a great animated PG-rated movie (maybe CG if it was Pixar-quality, but hopefully cell animated).
Eventually, I started reading more and more comics. Groo, Power Pack, Howard the Duck, Captain Marvel (the Shazam! version), Superman, and more became some favorites. Then one day, I stopped. This hiatus lasted for about 16 years.
Recently, while working on Wikipedia, I discovered that Rocket Raccoon has had some other appearances. He has come back a couple times since his series, and he had a couple of Bill Mantlo written appearances prior to the mini series including the Incredible Hulk (#271, 1982) story "Now Somewhere In the Black Holes of Sirius Major There Lived a Young Boy Named Rocket Raccoon". Marvel Preview #7 (Summer, 1975) has a character named Rocky who is a Raccoon and some sources say that he is Rocket Raccoon, he looks very similar, and he is obviously a play on the Beatles song again, but the similarities sort of end there. I think Mr. Mantlo liked the idea, and eventually developed it into Rocket Raccoon.    I have since bought all (?) of his appearances, and they were fun. Issue #415 of the "Incredible Hulk" series supposedly shows that Rocket died (*GASP*, "Noooooo!") by having a pelt on a bad guy's wall, but he has since come back during the recent (2007) "Annihilation Conquest" and "Star-Lord" series. He is also set to be one of the stars in the new team series written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning called "Guardians of the Galaxy" that is scheduled to start in May 2008.  There have been rumors that the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" series will be tied into the Secret Invasion crossover (where shape-shifting Skrulls have infiltrated Marvels super-power teams as fellow members… sort of like "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell Jr.). Now, since Rocket may have died, if it turns out that the recent appearances of Rocket Raccoon are really a Skrull in disguise it will "really make my fur fly."

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I love the horror genre of books and movies.  I also dabble into some sci-fi and fantasy, but horror is my main love.  My favorite types of horror stories usually are fantasical in nature.  If it is a psycho killer, realistic book, I usually won't read it.  I like creatures, and unexplained shapes... especially around that are set around Halloween.  If it is about Samhain or some other pumpkin-headed creature from beyond our realm, I will EAT IT UP (along with some gummy cola bottles).  You have to capture my imagination, take me somewhere else, and the ride has to be FUN (and/or funny).   I like my horror movies the same way.  You just can't be too real. I haven't read any Jack Ketchum's books because of this.  He may be great, but I just don't think I would enjoy them.  I also enjoy books that capture that childhood fear.  The television mini-series of Stephen King's "IT" was fascinating to me at age 15 and I still love it.   Alan M. Clark's artwork really does this for me, and I can see why Cemetery Dance and other small press publishers use his work a lot for their book covers. 
Just another list...

Authors (of books, comics, etc)  I really enjoy in random order, of course:
* James A. Moore
* Al Sarrantonio
* Alan M. Clark (love his artwork too)
* Douglas Adams
* Piers Anthony
* Norman Partridge
* Stephen King
* Glenn Chadbourne (love his artwork too)
* Guy N. Smith (for those quick and "dirty" reads)
* Shana Galen
* Gary Brandner
*Christpoher Pike
* Christopher Golden
* Koji Suzuki
* C. D. Payne
* Mercer Mayer
* Maurice Sendak
* Jack Kent
* William Kotzwinkle
and much much more.

Books I enjoyed, in random order:
* The Killer Crabs series of books by Guy N. Smith.
* Bloodstained Oz by James A. Moore and Christopher Golden
* All bookcovers by Alan M. Clark
* Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge
* Dreamcatcher by Stephen King
* The Orangefield cycle of books by Al Sarrantonio
* Halloween, the holiday, related horror stories that are fantasical in nature.
* Ringu series by Koji Suzuki (translated to English)
* Youth in Revolt series of novels by C.D. Payne
* There's No Such Thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent
* The Nutshell Library by Maurice Sendak
* Four Frogs in a Box by Mercer Mayer
* Jack in the Box by William Kotzwinkle
and many more

Films and TV series... *warning* I like a lot of campy ones because I love to laugh as much as I love to be scared:
* It (1990 TV mini series)
* Doctor Who (all his incarnations)
* Poltergeist
* Scream
* Waxwork
* Gremlins
* Gremlins 2: The New Batch
* The Gate
* The Gate II: Trespassers
* House
* House II: The Second Story
(gotta love that deep double meaning, LOL)
* Invasion of the Body Snatchers (all versions and remakes)
* The Stepford Wives (and yes, all the cheesy TV and movie remakes)
* Phantasm
* The Prophecy
(the movie series)
* Tales from the Hood
* Tales from the Crypt
(movies... and series... and comics)
* Village of the Damned (all versions and sequals)
* The Frighteners
* An American Werewolf in London
* The Ring
(all original versions and remakes and sequels)
* Evil Dead (series)
* The Lost Boys
* The Monster Squad
* Night of the Creeps
(We need a DVD release of this! Come on! DVD! DVD! DVD!)
* It's Alive! (and It's sequals)
* Abbot and Costello Meet.... (fill in the blank)
* Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!
* Over-sexed Rugsuckers from Mars
(okay, it isn't a favorite... but it is a great title, and it has some funny moments...no DVD yet for some reason)
* Fright Night
* Critters
* Little Shop of Horrors (the musical)
* Return of the Living Dead part II
* Book of Love (the 1990 film)
* Eerie, Indiana
and lots more

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This is just a list of candy I want to try / try again... maybe you will find somethings you want too!:


* Milk Chocolate covered Cinnamon Gummy Bears (or dark chocolate id available)
* Lime Cola Frooties (from Tootsie)
* Every Gummy Cola bottle available
* Cherry Cola Pop Rocks
* Traveler Tiramisu Dark Chocolate Wedges 
* Cola Twizzlers
* Gimbals "Sanded" Organic Gummy Bears
* Bodacious Banana flavored Gummi Bears
* Blue Raspberry flavored gummy bears
If Jelly Belly released all of their Jelly Bean flavors as Gummies.... that would be AWESOME! The Gummy Slugs were great, now do some more!
* Meiji Cola Up Gummy
Meiji Kiwi 100% Juice Gummy
* Puchi Cola Bubble Gum
Puccho Gummy -Cola and Lemon
* Pucchoco Gummy - Banana Gummy with Chocolate
Shigekix - Umeboshi Flavor
* Tsubu Tsubu Hi-chew - Chocolate Banana Parfait
* Tsubu Tsubu Hi-Chew - Super Drink Flavor
* Wata Gum Cola ~ Cotton Candy Gum
(not a big fan of cotton candy, but this looks different)
* Dueli Diamond Gummy - Cassis Soda Mint Flavor
* Uranaikko Gum - Cola Flavor
* March of Koala - Honey Pancake
* Cola Flavored Pez
* Colas flavored Chupa Chups
* Jyu-C Cola Candy
* Wata Gum - Cola Flavor
(with Vanilla, Orange, and some others)
* Aidin Cola Candy
* Bubble Ball - Cola Flavor
* Pascalls Cola Cubes
* Hubba Bubba Cool Cola
* Cola Rola
(silver cola flavored jaw breakers popular in Canada)
* Playgum Cola flavored Bubble Gum
All Kit Kat Limited Ediiton flavors
* All Hershey's Kisses Limited Edition flavors
* All Pocky Limited Edition flavors
* Unknown future limited editions

Shuwa Puccho Cola Gummy Stick (buy a case!)
* Shigekix Super Cola
* Jiwa Jiwa Cola Candy
* Chocolate Covered Muscat Gummies

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